Monday, June 11, 2012

washi and laptop = :D

This is what happens when I have newly arrived washi tape (Thanks to Nic Howard) and a movie that has to be watched (again) I LIKE Twilight, I loved all the books, and I hated the movie to begin with mainly due to cinematic booboo's, but the premise is cute, so while I watched Twilight, I played washi new lappy.

So this is Washi No. 1, I didn't plan on doing anything but it just happened!
And it looked so cool AND I had hardly used any tape from the roll,  So I kept going.
And this is the finished product, It was SO easy to keep the pattern right, no trickiness needed, just lined up the edges and stuck it down.  The only thing to consider is ensuring you dont cover any ports if your laptop has them along the sides (mine does) Or speakers, that probably wouldn't be too fantastic sound wise. 


topkatnz said...

I don't think I could bring myself to do that...and actually looking at my laptop, I don't have much surface area beneath my keyboard to actually do...and...why isn't it GREEN???

mandyb said...

i think it looks cool!!!

so have you covered your table (in the link i sent you???)