Sunday, June 10, 2012

yesterday and today

 Deaths Corner lookout, Me off up the slope looking for Keas. Sidenote: did you know its called Deaths corner because it was the place of the only fatal accident when the pass was being built, a stage coach tipped over and a child died as a result.  These days the death toll is unfortunately alot higher, the most recent being an Asian immigrant on his way to Greymouth to be the Chef for a new Chinese/Thai restaurant that (has since) opened.
 Yesterday, Jayme and I went to Arthurs Pass, the road had been closed for a couple of days and as much as I hate being isolated, I really wanted to see how it looked, it was awesome! raining at home but by the time we got to the pass it was crisp and clear and gorgeous!

 I want to scrapbook... but that ^^ is my room in its current state, I have managed to get through a few Project Life pages, but thats about it for the moment. I'm ready to unpack it all again and worry about it when the plasterer turns up again!
Heh, thats our firewood as of right now.  That shed in the background is our unfinished/waiting for shadowclad seconds to become available from local ply factory "firewood shed". it has two bays FULL of firewood, and one bay for Jaymes ute. This outside pile of wood is mainly rata, which is lovely but we also use coal which smells nice but is very dusty, this firewood will last us at least a couple of winters, thats with the fire on 24/7 May - August.  Oh I forgot, there is actually another big arse messy pile of wood a bit further down, Jayme has run out of room to dump it here.  We run a wetback too so it keeps the hot water HOT. Not always a good thing!

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mandyb said...

love all the snow pics!!!
great trip...and as for that scrap room!!! wowsa ...clean up time???

i had a huge throw out ages ago....was so uplifting....felt great to get rid of stuff!!!