Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things that make me happy today are:

Pudding! I LOVE pudding!! So in deference to the weather which is windy, rainy, sleety with the odd snowflake thrown in (eek! yay!) I have thrown on some bread because the smell of home baked bread can't be beaten, but why stop there I thought! So I dragged the crockpot out from its hidden position in the bottom cupboard (I'll explain that in a moment) and refound this recipe and thats pudding sorted!!! yummo - I will eat alllllllll of it so no point asking for a delivery sorry!
I haven't used the crockpot as much as I did last year, I am still in awe of the green cast iron pot, and I use it regularly on the fire for apricot chicken, butter chicken, casseroles, rice pudding and last night I made devilled sausages and there was plenty left over for tonight - it will be delicious with fresh bread!

This also makes me happy, my dog Micky and his reaction to other dogs on tv, he doesnt bark, just really wants to play with the doggies, although occasionally he runs outside expecting to find them there.

And this is Micky right now, squished up beside my leg on the couch, preferably under the blanket thank you very much!


topkatnz said...

mmmmmm...I LOVE spongy puddings...corned beef in the slow cooker though:( enjoy!

mandyb said...

mmmmm pudding
ahhhhh cuddling up with pets!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhhh i love winter!!!