Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August tidy up!

A few things from August, firstly my attempt at the August Paperchase Challenge, was really hard! set by Angela Knight and it was as follows: cardstock only, (no pp) pens, and washi tape.. Oh and just to add to the pain, at least 4 photos.  All I can say is that this is not my favourite layout ever, but its another layout done.

 At the start of every month, I go through all my SD cards and make sure they are empty, if not, I empty /edit /save/organise so that I dont get confused with too many photos from the wrong month.  works for me mainly because I have a Special  folder called, wait for it now, its exciting...." 0000Photos to be printed"

Its got the zero's to keep it at the top, easy to find, and as I go through the month I throw the photos I want  to print (for scrapping and PL) into it and it makes life easier when it comes to edit and print time.  But anyway, what I was going to say is that I found this photo:                                                                                    its the Before to my after!
The messy Before photo

The tidy After photo
And then this month we had something cool, its called a Blue moon, and it doesnt mean the moon is blue!! It means that the month of August 2012 actually had two full moons, this is the second.

I'd like to say I see these pretty colours all the time, but I would totally be lying, I'm not the earliest bird so I often miss out on these stunning sunrises, but I got this one! 

And I think I might scrap this photo, I just like it, its from Sunday when Jayme and I took Micky to the beach - 7 mile beach I think, and it was SO windy and blustery and wet, Micky was very aware of the rush of the waves and I was pleased at his self preservation instinct of staying high up on the beach, those waves were harsh!, but this image was at the very end of the beach, and there is a ridge of stone cliff above the waters edge where it has been eroded out from under by the waves, just a neat geographical spot :D


mandyb said...

very cool shots!!!
and love the layout!!!

topkatnz said...

Lol, I've got that photo folder too, but before that they go into the 'photos to look at' folder!heehee