Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hi October! ohhhh Hi November..... Bye October

Oh well, a month hiatus is ok, I had a great month! Went to Spring Edition (the first Autumn Escape event I've attended) and I loved it, been so long since I've seen friends and scrapped my little heart out. well I didnt really, but I thought I did ok at least finishing one layout......
The other fantastic bonus that happened in October is that on our way up north to Taupo, we were able to do a slight detour and see The Puppies! they were too young when we first saw them and we didn't want to choose straight away, so we were lucky enough to be invited back on our way home and when we did, we chose our new little girl dog! shes so cute and she is due to come home end of November, fun times ahead!

This is Table 10 - Dallas, Judy, Sharon and I - Photos by Andrea Ray - awesome pics from the whole weekend! 

Dallas, Paula Cheney! yes! THAT Paula Cheney of 7 Gypsies fame and now Creative Co-ordinator for Tim Holtz, I loved her classes, and her creativity was very cool (and she was a really nice person, realistic and not gushy) 

Jayme and I took Dallas to Huka Falls before he ditched dropped us off at the Waireiki Resort

And meet LAMBO, like Rambo, but a lamb. That was Jayme's creative name calling, hes very cute but a bit scaredy cat still, but pleased Micky has made a new friend :D

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mandyb said...

hmmm hmmm
who else did you see on the way to SE??? lol

glad you had fun!!!
and wahoooooo on the cute lambee and dog on its way!!!