Monday, November 12, 2012


 I totally forgot how cool it was to have a pet lamb, to be fair, Lambo isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is so grumpy that its comical.  He comes to me now when I call him, but it seems as if he reallllly doesn't want to come, but I might have treats, so he comes anyway.  Micky has a ball with him, bouncing around and being a mate, when we go out and come home, Micky is first out of the car and runs off to check in with Lambo, SO cute that it makes us rush inside and watch the mini reunion out the back door, and when Lambo is lonely and Baa's we ask Micky to "go see Lambo" and he does! totally adorable and I know you all want your own Micky and Lambo but not to be! so instead I will give you some photos of the adorable creatures!
One for Micky, 5 for Lambo...

Micky thinks he should eat grass too to keep Lambo company
Honestly! Lambo has to be quick otherwise Micky eats his sheep pellets...
The weather lately has been TOO HOT!  I am not looking forward to summer this year!


topkatnz said...

oh so true, now I do want my own Lambo and Mickey:( bring on the hot summer!

BethW said...

Oh God now I want a lamb an it's all your fault.He is too freaking cute!

mandyb said...

how cute!!!
lambo takes great pics!!!!

as for heat in this weather so far....not in welly!!!!
bring on the sun and warmth!!

benx08 said...

wow.. cute pet :3

by: benx08