Friday, November 30, 2012

So many people to thank!

I have been wanting to do Elf on the Shelf for ages, but never found the right elf to do it with.
This year, after I just about choked on the $100 price tag on some of the elves available online,  Kelly N took pity on the rural lifer, and sent me a lil beauty!
SO since being at Spring Edition in October and doing a fabbo class by Paula Cheney (of 7 Gypsies and Ranger fame!!) I was totally inspired to do my own Elf on the Shelf folio book, and with massive thanks to the ever generous Dallas T lending me all her spellbinders (I WILL post tomorrow!!!)
And then I had the extremely helpful and educated Melanie R who provided me with the perfect wording for my elf poo poem and  the photo poem!

Of course,I left it to the last minute(2 days with a new puppy to supervise!!!)  I came up with the following mini folio album thingie...
The elf is being sent to Jayme's neice's and nephew - the youngest is 4 and still believes, but the older two will be excellent co-conspirators!!!
So thanks to a whole heap of people there is going to be two very happy families for December (I say two cos the family will love it (fingers crossed anyway!) and I will get the photos!!!!!

Front cover 
Front cover inside, introduction letter

Page 2 - a passport photo and passport to go along with Penelope the Elf

Then we have a clear insert ready for a family photo including Penelope

This is what it looks like from the side

a little cartoon that I found years ago, and love it, I think I use it every year! and a Christmas wish pocket with tags

Then the last page, with elf poo! (apple tic tacs) and a very clever poem written by Mel :D

Packed and ready to go! who knew a Kindle box would just be SO perfect for the purpose! and only one rescue from Jenna the puppy before it was all packed up :D

This is Jenna in case you dont have the happy coincidence of seeing a million and 5 photos of her on my facebook page! 


Kelly said...

Seriously cool!! LOVE the passport pages.... ugly dress and one brown curl!!!! ALL those passport stamps too - yep - awesome!

(I'm going to nominate you as crafty aunt to my kids, cos the current bunch have no craftiness about them and their mother is a total slacker too!!)

mandyb said...

yes crafty aunts sure do rock!!!

love this and cannot wait to see what adventures the elf gets up too!!!

and cute pup pup!!!!