Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And a new year begins!

Ill show some cutesy photos of Lambo hanging out with Jenna and Micky to start with- too cute not to share!

What a fantastic Christmas, it was our first Christmas together at home, and it was lovely, the weather was horrendous and hot, so before we went BBQ'ing up the road we went for a swim in the river with the dogs, was good fun, and Jenna is getting much more comfortable in the water along with Micky's unique form of encouragement (swimming away and stranding her across the other side of the river)

Havent had much time for crafting since Elf on the shelf and I hear Penelope was a fun december installment!
But I did make a lil something special for the Fledgling Scrapbooker aka the mum-in-law : I'm still on a bit of a birdcage phase!!  That glass bird that is sitting where a tealight candle would be usually.

I'm settling into the new year after being away for new Years, the scrap room is getting tidy, like the last of Project Life 2012, just need to print a few important photos and ill be done!

I hope everyone has had a safe and joyful holiday period and that the new year starts off with a positive spin and heaps of happiness!!


topkatnz said...

Loving that birdcage:) don't speak to me about PL

mandyb said...

lol at the mess on your desk!!! thats how i am while going PL too~~!
love the swim pics...ohhh that river looks cool!!!