Friday, November 29, 2013

Latest Southern girl challenge!

Oh dear I am a bad scrapbooker for not blogging more regularly, however I must say that this year has definately been more about finding my feet in Project Life and way less 12x12 layouts, I think this is partly cos its so difficult to get photos printed when I want them, and partly cos my room is so errr "well used" that I get overwhelmed with all the gorgeousness and lose my train of thought once I sit down!

But here is my latest creation for Southern Girls Challenge, the suggestion was "Texture" and I used it as an opportunity to recreate some techniques taught by the absolutely FABULOUS Louise Nelson (if you have never seen Louise's work GO LOOK NOW! and if you ever ever get the opportunity to do a class with her, drop everything and DO IT!) I'm not normally one to step too far away from my pretty prima papers and washi tape and pretty things, but I gave it a go.  Its not my favourite layout in the world, in fact, I dont even think its very good, but thats the point, I did something different and it kinda worked, at the very least, its another layout done!!!

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