Tuesday, October 21, 2008

*Burglary & BrightER side* UPDATED**

Well, the very nice CSA (Crime Scene Assistant) came to take fingerprints of the broken window, lovely gentleman he was, he even let me take photos (He was laughing I must admit) of his tool kit.. and NO Beth it wasn't THAT tool kit.Then he took a fingerprint off the Window stay and nicely put his gloved hand behind it to block the sun (he was still laughing even at this stage)
The fingerprints he pulled are not likely to be of any value, but we all feel better that it was done. And we are beginning to think that the person was specifically after our flatmates car (HILARIOUSLY it is at the mechanic's cos it wouldnt start on the weekend) - also a bit worrisome cos the car was left outside on Saturday and Sunday night, and are they going to come back for it again?
Excitement is over for the day (I'm VERY tired now) so I am off to watch my dearest Trace on Celebrity Apprentice :D


Dragonlass said...

Oh my god you ok?
Thats just too creepy, thats not a nice way to be violated- nasty people breaking into your home.
But on a good note it they didnt take any of your prized stash.... lol
So where are the pictures of your scrap room? and the pictures of the cute policeman?????

mini skid loader said...

yeah! its much better,

bulldozer rentals said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

dizzy Lizzie said...

oh thank goodness the papers were not touched!!!! phew. Oh my I am laughing with you, but seriously hope it wasn't too scary.
And the free bee boxes are they safe?? hee hee. have had shite week am snowed under with paperwork and crappy kids lol

NanaBeth said...

Yeah I want to see the cute dude too!
Maybe the thief owns a high-tech unicycle and only needed one wheel!
I bet you checked out the other tool kit didn't you?

Mardi said...

I am so sorry to hear of your break-in, but thanks to Nic I found your blog. I love chatting with you this past weekend in the Fiskateer chat room. Would love to meet you some day! So one question, were the police cute?

Ann said...

Oh Danice, that's awful!!!
Are you ok?

Just as well he didn't touch your stash, Hope you didn't lose too much from your home?

You know you are a scrapbooker when you just have to take pics of the CSA!


Kelly said...

Oh that is too funny! (not the burglary bit tho - that's not fun at all) So apart from being helpful even while laughing, was your CSI dude in uniform cute?? It's the uniform that does it every time I reckon LOL