Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Kelly! I thought you were a nice girl!

But NO. I toddle along to check your blog... and read about the adorable Angus puppy thats growing well, and the boys and their athletics, giggle about you being in charge of sprints.. cos I just can't see you sprinting... oh hang on! I reckon for a good enough prize you might be tempted to jog at least? LOVED your tough love mummy efforts in getting the boy out of bed and ready early without making your voice horse with repeating yourself.
anyway, I keep reading, and find the SKETCH.
Its now 2.30am and I realllly should get to bed, but first I have to show you tonights efforts, all based on the Verve sketch and Kelly's cards.
And! after a few tries, I figured out the bow/knot thing!!!! I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring it all on my own! its a wonder I was ever bought lace up sneakers... I honestly do recall getting a pair of velcro sneakers.. I wonder why!


NanaBeth said...

I visit this blog:
Make sure you read the last line of her entry-we have to be related on some kind of cosmic level.

Allison said...

Such a terrific bunch of the images, colors and embellies!

Tona said...

Great cards. I really do have to get busy & start making my X-mas're making me feel guilty here.

Kelly said...

Hey - whatcha mean you THOUGHT I was a good girl??!! LOL
Nice job of the sketch - likeing hte papers you used.

dizzy Lizzie said...

hey cool cards love. Long time no talk. I have been so snowed under with lotts a stuff including the yuk bug!!!! have reports to write but am here instead Love n hugs seeya Saturday.