Sunday, November 23, 2008

You wouldn't believe it.

Tonight's nicked sketch/card idea was from Tracey L, she has been doing really well limiting her internet time and she came up with these neat cards! which I promptly nicked off with the idea and did mine.

Then I happen to scroll throught the comments on my last post, and I'm happy cos Liz posted and its always nice when ya mates post that they like something, but what scared me was the "see you Saturday". I was stumped. totally, and I'm thinking nah nah the crops not til Dec and I won't be here for that one, the product preview is on Monday.. what the !? is happening on Saturday!!! it took me a while, then I remembered, its a card making morning.... full of cards...... so I don't need to be busting my gut making these bl**dy cards, cos I'm booked in for a few hours of it next week, I feel like a twit now, thinking I was so organised (Hurry up Tona, takes ages for your cards to get here so you better start making me one!)
So on that happy note I am going to bed. I have defrosted the bacon, cleaned the pan and organised it so when his majesty wakes up he can have his breakfast with the least amount of whinging.


Tona said...

You're making so many oh so very nice cards, how about if I just send you my X-mas card list?

Sandra aka Mummy said...

Gorgeous cards, that paper is looking very familiar LOL
I used it on my advent calender


Nic said...

nice work!! and I have my eggs runny please Derek