Friday, November 28, 2008

This weather! awesome!!

I went for a drive yesterday ( well Wednesday) to see my sis and the neices who are now home after 2 weeks in the South Island. I love the farm, and I had forgotten just how much I love the drive down on a day where the weather is obliging, (helps that the car isn't overheating and the clutch is fine too)These are completely irresponsible shots of me holding the camera out the window and just holding my finger on the button along Hauraki Plains, I always have the window right down by this stage to let the farmie smell in! LOVE silage too!
The Kopu- Hikuai Bridge, one day they say they are going to have a new bridge, that will be so sad, been driving ovr this bridge all my life and still love it!then amongst all the things that sisters talk about, she reminded me about the swallows nest in the wood shed,
I came up with the bright idea of taking a photo to see what was in the nest, because we really didnt think there were any birds in there... until I take the photo and the flash automatically made them pop their heads up - and this is what the result was!!!
Then tonight I went to Liz's and hung out with that bunch, and whilst they were busy chatting and organising and stuff, I got these cards done, I got custody of the Cuttlebug yesterday so was ever so keen to use it on some more Christmas cards! and those Christmas stamps (in a line) are borrowed from Tracy, they are stampin up! ones that are so neat!


Tona said...

More great cards...and no I haven't made yours yet :( Do you keep making these great cards to make me feel bad or to give me a kick in the butt to get going?
Your drive looked beautiful by the way as well as your weather. This morning it was 36 degres here. Brrr.

NanaBeth said...

Cannot write much-in diabetic coma from tim tams! You did way too much girl, I'm going to have to come down there and whup your butt! I love the calendar-it was like being there, thank you so much! Shoot it was 43 here in sunny so Ga this morning!
Man up Tona!
Okay smoke must have got in eyes-they're all watery. Thank you again Tartlet!

Tona said...

Okay, I got your card made today. I'll get it off in the mail on Monday.

Misvish / Karin D said...

Love the picture of the birds. You're cards are very nice too.

Kelly said...

Great cards again - and those birdies are soooo cute! So, did you throw up into their mouths for them??? LOL