Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What an eventful week!

And its only Tuesday! Actually considering the week it hasn't been that busy, but its been different.
I started my new job on Monday, and its even better than I expected, it IS full time, but due to the nature of the role I am able to be pretty flexible and make it to all my favourite shops still (PHEW!)
I am working in a very old house (the mother company owns i think 5/6 all beside and across the rd from each other) in Kingsland, I was worried about traffic and stuff, but its fine! well, Christine did just point out to me that high schools are off so might get busier in the new year, I will be happy now for the lack of stressful traffic!
I will be working through Christmas, skeleton staff which is always easy!
I haven't been scrapping much lately, my room is embarrasingly messy, so I feel like i need to tidy it before i scrap anything, I went to the Xmas card crop on Sat with Tracy and Liz, then scrapped at Tracys til late (still didnt do much) and thats all I've done lately! I shall get back into it just as soon as I clean up!


Tracy L said...

Yay for liking your new job! I really enjoyed having you guys over on Sat, even if I didn't get anything done either. Bad scrapping week. Back into it now though. Thanks so much for your help on Sat too, and for the loan of the stamps and acetate.

dizzy Lizzie said...

Also glad the job is working out good!! We had fun on Sat and Tracy and I are celebrating together!! Any chance of you getting my cuttlebug plate back to scrapbook NZ? I might come for a drive over to you on Sunday if that is ok with you? xxLol

Tona said...

Glad to hear that you like your new job!

NanaBeth said...

A likely story!