Thursday, February 26, 2009

oops. I did it again

I'm not just singing to britney, I went out at the behest of others that call themselves "friends" to the closing down sale of Scrapping Downunder in Papakura, sad that another LSS is closing its doors, but we did get some VERY good deals! including this thingie....

Yeah stuck in the middle of my room doesnt make much sense but it will make sense when I tell you all the HUGE and EXCITING news I have for next week, but until then. Well you can all just be patient and wait for a week or at least a few days, some of you guys already know and have been awesome, gotta say thank you to Nic, Tracy L, and Tracy P - you girls have been pretty cool, and I really really appreciate the support, and even tho I may not say it, I think youre ALL awesome and cool chickies that I'm so pleased to have met and have you in my life.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I have hit a mental block

But I think it came upon me slowly and then whacked me rather quickly. I went to a crop last night, from 6pm til 10pm.... I am the proud creator of ONE ATC card made for absolutely no reason. Its very nice if I may say so, but yeah a slight waste of time. So Beth, I think youre reasoning is off kilter.
OOH in saying that I have nice white flesh peaches to eat. before I do that heres my wee ATC.. anyone want it? I will also have a yellow one and a blue one and i think a brown one too.
Tonight I will try to do a layout for the first Bossy Scrapper of the year...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Beth, this is your fault.

I'm bored - Nic has neglected me, decided that a crop is more exciting than me. I wont forget that.
And before America's next top model started, I decided I needed a wee snack for later on... So I stocked up to last me through the weekend then Beth totally depressed me (she knows why) so this is alllll her fault :D and yeah - i really have eaten the rest, since I started typing this post, the number of eclairs has diminished to 6. that wont take me long to finish of!
the chocolate is for after. and if you can see in the back ground there- thats my 52 Louisiana state ATC cards- with much love to Tona - those sleeves rock! thank you!!!

Rain rain come and play!

I adore rain, I'm a definate winter fan, what better excsue is there to curl up in a nice comfy warm bed with a great book and the tv on mute! You may well note the time here too- 7.11am been here at work since some ungodly hour, and it was so dark! I'm trying to get some work done so I can leave early... and you may well guess why I want to get home early... and you would likely be right - I want to scrapbook! however, there is a little issue in the fact I cant actually see my desk for the crap on it. So really I'm getting home early to tidy my desk so I can scrapbook later, and with this type of weather, looks like its gonna be an all nighter ! yipeeee.
PS Beth- oh my god, its YOUR fault I'm doing stupid pedantic things! I must change this influence because it will start scaring my friends.
PPS - I found a chocolate shop called Phillipes, the shop assistant is french, tis very cute.... truffles and raisin danishes- hmmmm apparently one is not meant to scoff 4 truffles at one time. Well, now I know that I should purchase more and eat them in a far better manner.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

the happenings of the week

I didn't realise I hadn't posted in a while, So here I am.
Not done a huge amount this week, received some neat goodies in the postbox so thanks to all those lovely people ie KRIS - I'm chewing on juicy fruit even now, isn't it strange how we don't buy things (like chewing gum) then when we get the opportunity to eat it, its a nice treat!?
anyways so went to a crop yesterday, didn't do much, finished the wedding card which i can now post cos it will be given to the bride tomorrow, also made a nice envelope out of brown bag, to continue that recycling/reuse theme,
Sorted my buttons, do like having my buttons according to colour, even tho other people just use pretty jars and things, i still like colour and now (god forbid) i started putting them into size as well.......

Also bought a few of those drawers from Kmart - you know,
the $10 ones? I kept going back, again and again and again... until there is none left, my room might one day be so damn tidy I can find everything! (I am SUCH the comedian!)
Finished another 10 atc's so my Louisiana ones will be postal this week.
Finished the baby cards, they will be ready to send as soon as I stamp a flourish on each envelope.
Finished some random ATC's.

anyone get the feeling I haven't scrapped much lately?????

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wedding Favour thingies

I made these from an idea out of a magazine - bought the cellophane bags from Spotlight (cant remember how much but pretty cheap for like 50 or 100)
and then spent a bit of time getting the "box" template right, then it was so easy! forgive the icky fingers in the way, and the crushed cellophane- It's been shoved under the desk for ages!

Baby thank you cards

This is a baby thank you card for a friend, have about 25 to do, done most, used stamps and glimmer mist and netting (and thank god for stazon- the netting used to be pink!) Im a lil bit annoyed that the precut/scored cards are a little uneven, but I suppose it's still ok.
And I also think I should do something more to it, just not sure what yet.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Look what I found on the camera!

HAHAHAHAHAHA y'all have no idea how much I'm laughing right now...... So I thought i'd share, this could easily be classed as my mean thing to do of the week... but it is OH SO FUNNY. and if i hear ANY complaints, I'll put it on utube instead. Its just 11 seconds of life that totally cracks me up (specially cos I'm not in it). Make sure your volume is right up so you dont miss a moment!

This isn't the first time I've randomly come across videos on the camera, its easy to accidently whack the movie record button instead of the take photo button (particularly when under the influence), but the timing of this one is just pure brilliance, well done ME!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Aspirations and a little bit of creating

I think this heat is getting to me! I'm staying up lately because it's its just so hot! this is a wee wall plaque I did last night, my office walls are looking decidedly bare. Where I work we base our service on the Strengths Model.
Its a way of thinking that is a little bit outside the usual medical or social models for disability services, and once you get your head around it, it makes alot of sense, these days people do (thankfully) tend to focus on people's strengths, but its a little more than that, have a read here for more detailed information.
So in light of that, I happened upon a quote that I really like, I'm not usually one for quotes or self help type things, but I think this quote says alot. So I pinked and blinged my desk ( LOVE working on stuff for me only!) and this is what I made:
Achievement rather than solving problems,
with thriving more than just surviving,
with dreaming and hoping rather than just coping
and with triumph over trauma.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sing star + alcohol = see for yourself!

It's Tricky ! tricky, tricky, trickyyyyyyyy
Raining Men...

Tracy's birthday.... awesome!!!!!!! and I promised I would only show NICE photos, problem is, my definition of nice is really all about me...