Saturday, June 28, 2008


Laura's Son's band made it to the finals :D and i am currently staring at some nice paper with no idea what to do.
Have a lovley warm Saturday night and i hope to have something decent to report tomorrow :D

Thursday, June 26, 2008

<-To my Left

You will all see a bright blingie new flashy bit. This is for a random US Radio station. I would REALLLLY appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes voting for the band "Put to Rest" this band is a fellow Scrapbookers son (and friends) the prize for winning this competition is for the band to open for Godsmack at Big Day Out in America.... for those that have been paying attention to the Fiskars Aussie blog, you might already know I am a fan of hard rock music, and Godsmack is a band I love. So please, take a moment to help a fellow scrapper out by voting!

perhaps to make it a sweeter deal (as if helping a fellow scrapper isnt enough!) Ill add a little Rak - please comment here when you vote and ill draw a winner July 12th.


OHHH and its my 100th post

Rightio ladies,

the draw has been done!!! and tsk tsk to those who didnt answer my questions proper! but made the draw even easier

Winners are: Christine C and Dallas, sandra comes in 3rd with a wee something in the post too.

Ill post tomorrow so Christine and Dallas will just have to ward off frostbite til next week

onto other things i can now post my pretty layout: Cool pic aye! this is one of the pics taken out the window of the plane on the way to Palmy, the scan doesnt do it justice- it has loads of bling and a bit of doodling i reallllly like it - enjoy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cos the weather is manky.. who wants a RAK!??

I hear that the South Island is getting chilly and its unpleasant, so, to celebrate the start of Work free Wednesday, Ive decided to bribe people to post comments with a RAK!!!!

I was out shopping and saw the most softest cutest sock thingies, they are that really nice soft furry stuff (no not fur!- Chenille i think) with the plastic grip thingies ahh heck i cant explain ill just take a pic shall I?

Right so above are my ones (i like bright colours- easier to see in the mess on the floor)
But if you post a comment about hmmmmm
your latest craft project and if you like the dark ones or the bright ones (and what part of the country you live in) Im going to pick a winner from the South Island and a winner from the North Island you have tonight and tomorrow and Ill pick a winner Friday morning from work - on Faf around Friday :D- and Christine- I wouldve emailed you - if the blo(&*%$*#y work email server was working - we could only send/receive emails internally (bugger it the boss could unfortunately still communicate) but its fixed now- I will be busy in the morn but after lunch... check your inbox :D
OHHH and by the way people I'm in need of a jump ring supplier - Arthurs have put the price up and its now .50 for a 1" jump ring and .70 for the bigger ones- Whitcoulls is 4.50 for a pack of 5 so if you know anywhere - please advise ... that of course will be counted towards the "random" rak drawing :D :D i am SO open to bribery

Wednesday has a new name

In keeping with faf around Friday and Muck around Mondays, Wednesday is now officially Work Free Wednesday. This has been memo'd to all staff in our building, so we are hoping it will take effect asap.

Now I have a question for Beth - WHAT DID YOU WIN!??? you cant leave a comment like that and then NOT say what you won! was it the pack from everyone posting in that blog? if so I'll be very happy that we could all assist you!!

Last night, with the weather so terrible - Poor Jessie's roof flew of her kennel (It was even nailed down!) Lucky she sleeps inside...... anyway, so I decided to scrap something, and I decided on the NZDare challenge, and for some really dumb reason, I thought it it was by Wednesday TODAY. so I rushed the layout, stuffed it up, then did a really crappy scan job on it and emailed it through... I check my emailies this morning, and umm duh... its NEXT Wednesday so now I will be going home to either redo the entire layout, or rescanning it or something! I believe I will classify that as this weeks blonde moment!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Okies so a quick look at what Ive been up to

Well the Prima preview was lots of fun (thanks Lynn for driving!)

and i got the most Gorgeous alphabets!! they are the Prima Whispered Words - see them here

I got cream and (Thanks Kathleen!!! for the last black set) and then i WON the white set!!!

I am a very very lucky girl indeed!

I have scanned another layout, this is the one i started at the crop last weekend with Christine, using the pink felt and journalling box sent from Beth (biggups to Beth - she knows what i like!)

and I finally finished it, Christine suggested the green matting under the cut flowers- and it works beautifully! so i think her missing mojo isnt entirely gone!

Muck around Monday

Okie dokie, just a quickie, I'm looking forward to the Prima Product Preview - say that fast 5 times.

Work is "subdued" the Big meeting happened this morning clarifying positions within the company for our "dis-establishment" its a funny feeling around the office, however the good news is that the restructuring will be taking place by Monday next week so there wont be weeks of tension.

And the most important thing of all: I know lots of people (including me) are all grumpy at Kmart for having a sale with no products - if you dont know what I''m talking about - check out page 18 of the latest catalogue, and Lil Davis products are advertised at 50% off. Funny thing is that Kmart have never had these products. After ringing the nice lady at Manukau she has taken my number for a rain check, even tho the catalogue says "no rainchecks" they are sick of having to tell people "no we dont have it and not likely to have it before the sale ends thanks very much have a nice day"
So this brings me to the lil tidbit of knowledge that when I get the phone call (which im pretty sure I will) - you will ALL know :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Im quite pleased with myself

Not only have I started and completed this weeks challenge for So you think you can scrap, Ive finished this layout off which was started at NZ Scrapbook the other night, its a tad different to the original that can be seen here - and thats Kerry Sue holding her layout (yes done on the night - not a week later like umm ME!)

but i like it all the same - dont worry about the skewy edges - my scanning abilities are not progressing as quickly as id like!

I just checked out the NZ Scrapbook blog and very happy I'm going tomorrow night - i likie the coloured rubons and flourishy felt!

Friday, June 20, 2008

May as well put up a layout

just for everyones amusement - this is my contribution to the "So you think you can Scrap" thing which is coming along ok, I'm getting one layout done a week so thats a bonus!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Of course im going to the Prima Preview..

why would you need to even ASK Ann???

but for the others the Prima preview is at NZ Scrapbook on Monday, check out the details HERE - adn you can also see lovely pics of me (oops on the phone and trying to scrap) now my sister can SEE i really wasnt telling fibs about being busy!!

Junes Guest Blogger.. is ME!

It's not earth shattering news, but pretty cool when Trina asked me to do the guest blogger thing for June on the Australia/New Zealand Fiskars blog, I was given a bit of the Ink by Steph range which is likely to be at Spotlight stores soon, and played with it.

If anyone wants to check it out its here, and one page a day will be uploaded til the end of the book - the book has 59 pages in it so I hope you all enjoy it! (nah jokes - its only like 5 doublesided pages)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kellie gets lei'd... and LOVES IT!

She looks SO happy too :D I was checking out Kellie's blog and noticed gosh those are nice layotus, but they look so familiar - doh - probably because I saw thema t camp and was mightily impressed - well done kellie!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Freaky Friday the 13th!

Actually I didnt even think of it til I was on my way to work this morning, after I saw a black cat running under a ladder on a cracked footpath. (joking)
On other news, I'm nearly finished my thingie, I cant tell you what my thingie is at this stage... but I will when I can - I love it how even I cant make sense out of what I've written!.

Going to a crop tomorrow - some might think I am ready for a non scrapbooking weekend - they would be wrong, I'm ALWAYS up for scrapbooking! specially when it's more than an hour or two, seeing as I scrap so slowly, the longer the crop the more chance I have of finishing something! or at least NEARLY finishing something!!

I'm blogging from work at the moment only because I'm about to be called into a meeting, and well, no point starting somethign I can't finish is there!?
Has anyone seen the price of a lettuce at Countdown lately!??? it was $4 last night, not for a flash pretty lettuce, but a normal plain lettuce, I was quite shocked, and yet everyone wonders why we don't eat healthy! So this morning whilst whinging about the $4 lettuce, another team leader mentioned I should be growing my own, pfft, as if! I've been there, done that, grew my own tomatoes and lettuces and stuff, got bored very quickly and haven't done it for a year or two, but the point is that I was advised that if i put even 1% of passion that I have for scrapbooking into a vege garden, I would have plenty of lovely nice veges..... I was horrified - WHY would I want to spend precious passion and energy on something other than scrapbooking!!!! tsk tsk silly man, doesnt understand the obsession at all!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does everyone feel neglected??

I figured those pretty pictures were enough to amuse everyone for a couple of days, this is the photo of the canvas i finished at camp, Its of Tess and Stu on their recent wedding day, Tess is a colleague at work who had the most gorgeous wedidng photos, and because I was running low on photos (as per usual i hear you all say!) She was kind enough to make a copy of her photos for me - such beautiful photos - this photo doesnt do the canvas much justice either, its a bit blinger than it looks - and the brads in the flowers have nice sayings like our wedding day and just married. Tess really liked it (well she SAID she did)

And tonight I went to a product preview today of Hot Of the Press stuff today, wasnt umm THE MOST exciting product, meaning it wasnt my cup of tea, however the company was wonderful as per normal, and (drum roll please) I WON! I have been going to NZ Scrapbook for agggges now and this is the first time i have won something, and it was clear stamps! i luff clear stamps and flowers and girly stuff so i won these:
Now I just have to find something to use them on! Im SURE ill find something... one day :D

Monday, June 9, 2008

OHH and heres the Group Photo!

Thanks To Krislyn for this! and now i look at these pics i realise how many of us were in pyjamas - thats not cos we're all lazy, its cos the theme was Pyjama party (as opposed to the challenge theme of how to look good naked which wouldve freaked poor Melvyn out, or then again he may have really liked it... who knows!)

Here ya go girls

Here are some pics from camp:
Kerry Sue, Sandra, Jackie and I (yay for blemish remover)
THis is Kerry Sue and I getting on the plane.
This is Mt Egmont from the plane (great pics!!)
This is ummm Mt Ruapehu (or close enough)
The working space- bloody rugby on too!
The drover and his ahem DOGs in Feilding And this pic although it LOOKS like a postcard is actually the view from the camp - looking out the window at this was just stunning!

Happy mail arrived

On the way home from the airport last night, Derek mentioned a "big package" arriving for me, I was all amped up anyway from being home so I was totally overwhelmed when i opened this package and found ALLLLLL these goodies in it! so today ive cleared my desk (well a little bit) and im chuffed that someone thinks so nicely of me to send such neat stuff, especially the heart !!

I'm really thankful to Beth for sending it all- not only is exciting to get a present, but to get a present so suited to my taste is just awesome! so thanks heaps and heaps Beth, and you can be sure there will be some great layouts done with it!!!

I'M Hooooome!

And I'm sure you all missed me heaps and heaps! Or not.
I had the most AWESOME weekend, prolly the best weekend I've had as a grown up, I laughed so hard my stomach hurts (prolly also cos I'm a tad unfit and laughing actually requires quite a bit of energy)
But I'm tired and I want to go to bed. The good news is I am so NOT going to work tomorrow (or today seeing as its past midnight) but the bad news is that my tooth is killing me, I have been permanently dosed up on Ibuprofen and Panadol all weekend, and I have discovered that one or the other doesnt particulary work so well, but taken together - it definately dulls the pain, hopefully enough so I can sleep!

I shall most certainly do a good blog post tomorrow with pics and captions (hahahaha- those that were with me should be worried about now)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Packed far better now!

Im now down to 9.3 and 10.4 (limit is 20kg) for check in stuff and 5.5 for carry on (Limit 7kgs)- im taking my tiny wee old handbag- (going be strange not having my massive big canvas carry all) and ive clipped my ipod to my cellphone to my wallet... SURELY i wont forget (the ipod is charging overnight you see)

I think ill be fine for supplies... (famous last words) and im very happy to be going, strange that derek not home yet (GRRR) hes prolly forgotten he needs to take me to the airport at 8 in the morning- but im not silly, ive organised a back up ride if he doesnt come home - notwithstanding the beef roast in the oven that he knows about, he usually comes home when he knows theres nice food to eat!!!!!

So I will be signing off till Monday, with MUCH MUCH LOVE to Nic, I'm gutted you cant come - dratted kids have a soccer round robin thing that I dont think her hubby would be keen to cope with all alone .... but then again!?? Anyway, its not long til October and SENZ which I have a feeling will be extremely hilarious on all accounts!

Not panicking yet :D

I threw everything into my suitcase and tote, got the suitcase up to 28kg and the tote to 9kg
Im trying to even it out so that i can use the tote as my carryon luggage, (praying that the size is ok, i have a feeling they wont let me) but alls good, i cant really take much else out unless i leave stuff behind like my wee printer(1kg) my lamp (1kg) and some paper kits, but nothing actually weighs alot, its more like combined it does! im not taking any albums, i figure if i finish anything its no big deal to leave it in the bag. I think id cry if they wouldnt let me take my tote- the main reason its coming is because it holds my 12x12 so safely, i think ill pretty much leave it for now unless i come up with something even more brilliant later tonight!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ummm am I meant to be packed now?

Cos I'm not. I DID however finish two layouts more on those later in the week.
I have not packed anything.
except the bling and flowers I did last week (lucky I did that!!!!) I've decided that I'm not likely to use much chipboard, perhaps some flourishy bits but thats about it. and I'm too lazy to go through and sort them out anyway!
I have HEAPS of photos for a change, but now of course I want to take ALL the photos and the corresponding papers!!! but If I bugger around now, and then get into panic packing tomorrow night, I will forget to take them so problem will be solved.
I at least have clean clothes to take away - just need to find the good ol thermals, can only say thank god we dont live somewhere hot cos I am not going to be looking too sexaaaayyy (sorry Sandra, I know you would love me to turn up looking glam, but well, honestly - I dont DO glam)
need to either buy some new slippers or wash the ones im wearing I would hate to knock anyone out with fumes!
Derek is content, i went food shopping and he has only just discovered the hokey pokey ice-cream, its cute that he recognises it as a special treat from me - also extremely easy for me to get brownie points !!!
Best I get my butt into bed - Ive had blanket on for ages so it will be cosy and warm!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday holiday

Welllll, from Wednesday to about now I have barely had a break. I went to visit my sister and her family on Friday and got home last night. I miss being on the farm but Rambo Derek buggering off til all hours doesnt particularly make me a happy lass. He had fun tho so he cant complain that I'm going away this week, I pointed out that I did a massive food shop for him so I do not want to hear of any whinging about how I'm mean to him by going away, I know he will anyway so I bought plenty of rubbishy food that will keep him quiet if not fed properly - even ice cream for a change!
My packing obviously got completely messed up on Friday, but not tooooo bad, I reckon I've got a fair idea what I will be taking and the things that don't matter so much. I finished a layout that I have just sent off and I have another due by Wednesday, along with another lot of layouts due by June 12th. This is the most pressure (scrapbooking at least) I've had to deal with in a while and I'm interested to see if I do everything I'm meant to!
I shall no doubt be popping on again to update with any disastrous happenings- ohhh yes, my tooth is niggling me which is rather scary - I have the worst teeth ever, and I don't consider them valuable enough to keep them when things go wrong (hence I have a few gaps!) but I'm worried this time because of camp, I dont really want to be full of painkillers for 4 days! although that may be extremely interesting to see what sort of layouts I end up with!!!